Nada Más - Tango canaro d'arienzo tango tango history Feb 11, 2022

Nada Más - Tango

© by Cosima Diaz Campos, 11 February 2022

The beautiful tango "Nada Más" is written by Juan D'Arienzo and Luis Rubistein (music & lyrics) in 1938. In this year, Juan D'Arienzo recorded his version with the singer Alberto Echagüe. This is probably the version that is most played at milongas, and that is often chosen for performances. The strong accents, the amazing syncopations and the sudden stops give dancers many options to be creative with their improvisations on the dance floor.  

Two arrangements by Canaro: one for dancers and one for listeners

In the same year, Francisco Canaro recorded two arrangements to this tango: one with singer Robert Maida and one with Ada Falcón. Tango has a long history of being both a music for dancers and a music for listeners. In this case you can hear the difference very clearly: the...

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