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Vals Tutorial: super fast adornos

social tango tango Mar 13, 2024

©  by Mariano Díaz Campos, 12. March 2024

Tutorial of the day! Try these playful rhythmical adornos out. We covered this in our TangoMasterclass Uffelte and in our TangoMasterclass Spring Courses Online. 

The origin of thes adornos are from the Orillera style. Famous representatives of this style are El Cachafáz y Carmencita Calderón.

FOCUS: Focus on keeping your upper body calm and quiet, to maintain a good connection and the embrace with your partner.

ATTENTION: don't bounce back and front or up and down!

Here is a step by step guide how to practice:

STEP 1: SOLO - RIGHT FOOT / LEFT FOOT FRONT Start by practicing only with the right foot front, left foot front is a normal step. Than practice only with the left foot front adornos and the right foot makes a regular step.

STEP 2: SOLO - RIGHT FOOT / LEFT FOOT BACK Practice only with the right foot back, left foot back is a normal step. Than practice only with the left foot back adornos and the right foot makes a regular step.


STEP 4: SOLO - MUSICALITY / IMPROVISATION play a vals, and only do the adorno when it fits the music. Start doing this at a rather slow tempo, but not too slow, and build to a faster tempo vals.

STEP 5: Start all the steps all over, but now WITH DANCEPARTNER!

Remember that it's necessary to master step 1 - 4 before doing this adorno with a dance partner.

Ask your partner for feedback: does her or she feels that your maintain the connection and the embrace? Take the feedback of your partner seriously.

If you give feedback: realize that it's a learning process, you have to first discover and recognize mistakes, and then it takes time to find out how to correct them and improve.

Slow Vals: Lírio Blance - Francisco Canaro
Medium Vals: Flor de Líno - Anibal Troilo
Fast Vals: Pobre Flor - Alfredo De Angelis
Super fast Vals: Violetas - Alberto Castillo


About the author:
Mariano Díaz Campos, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised in a tango family, is a profiossional tangodancers with over three decades of experience as an instructor. He learnt tango from his parents and from the milongueros of the Golden Era. Specially mentioned: Pepito Avellaneda y Gilda Suzuki and Antonio Todaro. He studied journalism and he is loves to learn & teach about the history of Argentine Tango dance & music. He has performed at the Royal Palace in The Netherlands for Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander.