Certified Maestros Tango Argentino with 33 years experience (Mariano) and 23 years experience (Cosima).

Short stretching routine for tangodancers

social tango tango teaching Feb 18, 2024
tango stretching

©  by Cosima Díaz Campos, 18. Feb 2024

Less than 8 minutes short and effective stretching routine for tangodancers. No music, no talking, follow-along. You can follow along with this video as often as you like. Stretching routines are highly requested by many students, so here is the first one.

I will create more warming up and stretching routines for tangodancers if you give this video a thumbs up on youtube and leave a comment (click on the video to go to youtube and log in to your account).

Follow along stretching routine | No music | No talking

In this routine we work on:

  • Mobility of the spine (lateral flexion, extension, flexion, rotation)
  • Mobility of the shoulders and shoulder gurdle
  • Mobility of the hip joint (exorotation, extension and flexion)
  • Mobility of the knee joint (flexion)
  • Stretching of the muscles:
    • glutes
    • hamstrings
    • quadriceps
    • iliopsoas
    • calfs
    • abdominal muscles
    • back muscles

For tangodancers this routine will help you to move with more easy in turns, pivots, to make back and front steps and boleos without overarching your lower back, and to feel better overall. 

You can do this as a warm-up stretch in the morning, or as a relaxing calming-down stretch in the evening.

Please adapt my suggestions to your own body!

Enjoy the routine! 



Cosima Díaz Campos is certified excercise therapist & physiotherapist. She is fulltime professional dancer with 23 years of tango teaching experience.