Nada Más - Tango

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Nada Más - Tango

© by Cosima Diaz Campos, 11 February 2022

The beautiful tango "Nada Más" is written by Juan D'Arienzo and Luis Rubistein (music & lyrics) in 1938. In this year, Juan D'Arienzo recorded his version with the singer Alberto Echagüe. This is probably the version that is most played at milongas, and that is often chosen for performances. The strong accents, the amazing syncopations and the sudden stops give dancers many options to be creative with their improvisations on the dance floor.  

Two arrangements by Canaro: one for dancers and one for listeners

In the same year, Francisco Canaro recorded two arrangements to this tango: one with singer Robert Maida and one with Ada Falcón. Tango has a long history of being both a music for dancers and a music for listeners. In this case you can hear the difference very clearly: the arrangement of Canaro with Roberto Maida is for dancers, and the arrangement of Canaro with Ada Falcón is for listeners. One might think that the genre of tango for listeners developed after the golden era of tango (ater 1955), but tango for listeners is a genre that existed already in the golden era and before. You will not hear the version with Ada Falcón played at a milonga. Not because it would not be good enough (it is exceptional!), but because it is not a dance tango.

What created this special sound of Francisco Canaro?

In 1938 D'Arienzo's orchestra cosisted of an orquesta típica with a pianist (Lidio Fasoli, later Rodolfo Biagi), a double bassist, five bandoneonists, four violinists. Francisco Canaro's orchestra on the other hand was atypcial. In 1938 his orchestra also consisted of pianist, double bassist, three bandoneons and four violinists, but in addition he also had Cayetano Bippo on sax, José Ranieri Virdo on flute and trumpet and Vicente Merico on clarinet.

New recordings of D'Arienzo

In 1958 we have a new recording of D'Arienzo's orchestra, this time with singer Jorge Valdez. And in 1972 his live show is broadcasted with singer Mercedes Serrano.

You can listen to all the version that are described here, and below you can read the Spanish lyrics.

Orchestra: Juan D'Arienzo. Canta Alberto Echagüe


Orchestra Francisco Canaro. Canta Roberto Maida. 1938. 


Orchestra Francisco Canaro. Canta Ada Falcon. 1938. 

 Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo. Canta Jorge Valdez. 1958.


Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo. Canta Mercedes Serrano. 1972.


Nada Más


No quiero nada, nada más  (I don't want anything, anything more)
que no me dejes, frente a frente, con la vida.  (that you don't leave me,
Me moriré si me dejás (I will die if you leave me)
por que sin vos no he de saber vivir.  (because without you I can't live)

Y no te pido más que eso,
que no me dejes sucumbir,
te lo suplico por Dios
no me quites el calor
de tu cariño y tus besos,
que, si me falta la luz
de tu mirar, que es mi sol,
será mi vida una cruz.

Cuánta nieve habrá en mi vida
sin el fuego de tus ojos!
Y mi alma, ya perdida,
sangrando por la herida,
se dejará morir,
y en la cruz de mis anhelos
llenaré de brumas mi alma,
morirá el azul del cielo,
sobre mi desvelo
viéndote partir.

No quiero nada, nada más
que la mentira de tu amor, como limosna.
¿Qué voy a hacer si me dejás
con el vacío de mi decepción?
No te vayas te lo ruego,
no destroces mi corazón,
si no lo hacés por amor
hacelo por compasión
pero por Dios no me dejés
jamás te molestaré,
seré una sombra a tus pies,
tirada en algún rincón.

About the author Cosima Diaz Campos

"My love for tango started with the music (conservatorium Tango Violin) in 1996, and continued with the tango dance a few years later. I have been an Argentine Tango dance performer, choreographer and instructor for over 20 years. With a background in physiotherapy - specialized in healthy posture & movement - I have to good foundation to build my classes from the basics up. From analysis to synthesis. I am a milonguera pur sang. I am also a passionate tangoteacher and I love to transmit my feelings for this dance also in performances. I always wish to learn about tango history and culture.
My interests beside tango are art, yoga, mindfulness and veganism/animals rights."