Mundial de Tango 2021

tango Sep 21, 2021

21 September 2021, by Mariano Diaz Campos

Update 26 September 2021
And the winners are...
Tango Salón:
Barbara Ferreyra, Agustin Agnez
Tango Escenario:
Emmanuel Casal, Yanina Muzyka

The 18th edition of the world championship tango is held from 16 - 26 September 2021. This festival is organised by the government, and the first edition was held in 2003. The championship consist of two categories: Tango Salón and Tango Escenario.

Tango Salón is characterized by preserving the popular tango style. The embrace cannot be broken while the music lasts,. Jumping is prohibited. By regulation, the jury is obliged to qualify mainly taking into account the musicality, the connection between the couple and the elegance of the walk. Improvisation and the use of popular choreographic figures (cortes, quebradas, corridas, barridas, sacadas al piso, enrosques, etc) is essential.

Tango Escenario is characterized by its free and acrobatic choreographic style, which includes movements such as jumping and breaking the embrace. Stage tango takes place with couples who dance alone and choose the music. This style seeks choreographic freedom and the expression of the multiple variations with which tango dance is presented in the world, but without losing identity: It is allowed to break the embrace but the regulation also warns that it must have a "reason for being and (to be carried out) for the benefit of the presentation"; The jumps and use of resources from other dances are allowed, but without exceeding one third of the presentation time; The choreography must include "the classic figures of tango: ochos, giros, caminatas largas, voleos, ganchos y el «abrazo milonguero»".
It should be clarified here that the stage tango category has nothing to do with a tango danced on stage, that is, a tangodanza staging in a play. In fact, the name of this category is confusing. A tango can be performed in a milonga or on stage, with many different dancing styles (not just the ones that are shown at the world championships in the Tango Escenario category).