Certified Maestros Tango Argentino with 33 years experience (Mariano) and 23 years experience (Cosima).

Tango Singer Gabriel Menendez

tango tango history tango music May 18, 2023
tango singer Gabriel Menendez

Photo above:
Gabriel Menendez with Karin Bloemen at Gouden Notekraker, the Dutch award for musicians and actors. 

Interview with Tango Singer Gabriel Menendez

This interview was first published in May 2020 in our Online Tango Masterclass Community.
May 2023 we published the interview at our Tango Masterclass Youtube Channel.
Subtitles on youtube will follow soon. If you speak Spanish, you can already listen to the interview now.

Photo above:
Leo Vervelde (bandoneon, musical director), Gabriel Menendez (singer), Karin Bloemen (cabaretier). 

Sexteto Canyengue with singer Gabriel Menendez and Karin Bloemen receive the Gouden Notekraker Award, the Dutch award for musicians and actors.