Two energies in the same path

mindfulness tango Nov 09, 2022

"A seed is lifted in the sky, flies with the wind, and falls on the earth. It roots deep in the dark, and the plant grows up to the sky in the light. It gives new seeds that are lifted in the air, fly with the wind to a new destination to come back to the ground, to root and grow to the sky."
- Mariano Diaz Campos, Mindfulness Trainer MBSR

When we dance tango we continuously feel the flow of the energies in the vertical line: the grounding down and the lifting up. These two energies are in the same path and support each other. The directions are opposite, but they work in synergy. The more we ground, the more free we feel rising up. The more we rise, the more free we feel to ground. Root to rise is an expression we use in many movement arts.

In the image below I show you an excercise that works wonders for tangodancers to feel more rooted and lifted.

We start by grounding the standing leg, lifting our spine, and closing our hands in front of the heart. We press into the ground while we lift the free leg up, and we flex the ankle. We place the free foot in the air on an imaginary surface. You can curl the toes up of leave them relaxed. Stay here a few breaths (as short or long as you wish).

While we practice, we bring our full awareness to the foot touching the ground, to the hands touching each other, to our gaze into the horizon and to the rhythmical movement of your breath.

Then, with full awareness, we gently lower the leg, and place it next to the other foot. Spread the weight evenly to both legs. When you are ready, shift the weigh to the other leg and repeat the same on the other side.

Do this every day and you will feel the wonders for your posture and balance. This also has an impact on your mental balance, as this excercise brings your full awareness of the here and now. Enjoy the practice!

by Cosima Diaz Campos, 9 November 2022
Cosima is certified excercise- & fysiotherapist and certified Maestra de Tango Argentino since 2001.


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