Certified Maestros Tango Argentino with 33 years experience (Mariano) and 23 years experience (Cosima).

Free leg

mindfulness tango Mar 03, 2023

In tango the flowing movement of the free leg is so important. The free leg will only relax and move with flow, when we feel very stable on the standing leg. Isolation in the hip joint of the free leg is also key. In this exercise we train these skills. Stability and good alignment of the standing leg and a good coordination and relaxation of the free leg. We practice with socks, so that we can feel the full motion of each joint without limitations of the materials of the shoes.

We have been teaching this exercise for over 20 years to thousands of students, from absolute beginners to professionals. In this movement we train a the coordination of the movements front, side and back in the hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint and foot and toes, balance on one leg.

  • coordinated movement
  • balance on one leg
  • isolation of the free leg
  • stability of pelvis and lower back
  • strength of the m. gluteus medius in the standing leg
  • relaxation & refined movement in the free leg
  • core strength in one-legged standing position

The best way to achieve this is by starting with mindful movements to really make these movements automatic habits, so that we can apply the healthy coordination in the dance without thinking of it, so that we can fully focus on the connection with our partner and the music.

Do this every day, and you will feel the results! You will become more confident in your one-legged stance, and you will get better coordination and more relaxation in the free leg. This will give you more artistic freedom as a dancer!