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Top 6 best exercises for ankle balance

mindfulness tango Feb 12, 2023

© by Cosima Diaz Campos 

This week we created a highly requested video for you: our top 6 best exercises for ankle balance for tangodancers. Most ankle balance training is NOT SUITABLE in order to achieve the refined coordination we need as tangodancers. Many ankle balancing exercises lack quality of movement.

For tango we need to train with perfect alignment and mindful movement to really make these movements automatic habits, so that we can apply them in the dance without thinking of it, and focus on our connection with our partner & the music.

This is why I made this tutorial with the TOP 6 BEST EXERCISES for ankle balance, that focus on:

  • good alignment
  • mindful movement
  • coordination
  • muscle strength (m. gastrocnemius & m.soleus)
  • quality of movement
  • improving proprioception (body awareness)

We have been teaching these ankle balance exercises since over 20 years to thousands of students, from beginners to advanced dancers and tango teachers. The feedback we get from our students is amazing. Tango dancers feel so much more confindent and stable, and can focus more on the connection, the music, and the artistic expression.

In this tutorial we train ankle alignment, ankle balance, knee balance, and strength of the calf muscle (m. gastrocnemius & m. soleus). Here is a list of the exercises with the training goals:

Ex. 1: ankle alignment without weight in the air - full body balance
Ex. 2: ankle alignment without weight with floor contact - mindful moving
Ex. 3: ankle alignment with alternating weight - calf muscle strength
Ex. 4: ankle alignment - ankle balance - calf strength with full body weight on two legs - body balance - mindful moving
Ex. 5: ankle & knee alignment - ankle & knee balance with bended knees - calf muscle strength with full body weight - body balance - mindful moving
Ex. 6: ankle alignment - ankle balance - calf muscle strength with full body weight on one leg.

After this series, we recommend to gently stretch the calf muscles.

Do this every day, and you will feel the results! You will become more stable & strong, and you gain a lot of confidence in your tangodancing, to feel more artistic freedom as a dancer!

Abrazo, Mariano y Cosima
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