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Pugliese & Chopin

7 September 2021 by Cosima Diaz Campos ©

Osvaldo Pugliese loved Chopin's music. His wife Lydia Pugliese told us in an interview that he would practice Chopin's piano solo work daily. We asked her about Osvaldo's daily life routines. After breakfast he would go for a walk in the park with his wife every morning, and the rest of the morning he would play solo piano work from Chopin, before the rehearsals with his orchestras in the afternoon and the concerts in the evening. Pugliese gave concerts with his orchestra untill he was above 80 years old, a remarkable achievement.
You can listen to Nocturne No. 21 performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy. Frédéric Chopin composed Nocturne No. 21 in C minor in 1837. It was the last of Chopin's nocturnes to be published, and was done so posthumously in 1938. Among the 21 nocturnes known to have been...
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Finally Together piazzolla pugliese tango tango history Sep 06, 2021

Osvaldo Pugliese & Astor Piazzolla   

6 September 2021 by Mariano Diaz Campos ©
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George Gershwin (1898 - 1937)
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Osvaldo Pugliese (1905 - 1995)
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Astor Piazzolla (1921 -1992)
Luis Aravena

Finally Together

If you bring two of the biggest names in tango together, you are writing history. That is what Luis Aravena, musician, producer and theatreman, thought when he brought the two maestros of the Epoca de Oro of the tango to Amsterdam in 1989 to share the stage together in the Royal Theatre Carré. The only place and moment in history, where these two legends shared the stage. A unique event in the history of music & tango. The title of the concert was Finally Together.

When you...

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