Primavera Double Role Bootcamp

Uffelte 15 - 17 May 2024

Dates 15 - 17 May 2024
Wednesday evening 19 h - Friday afternoon 17 h. You can extend your stay: arrive earlier or stay longer.

Theme Seminar
Double Role Bootcamp

Salon Specials
Wednesday Salón
Thursday Salón with guest DJ & Double Role Show by Mariano y Cosima. Dresscode: spring!

Double Role Bootcamp for only 290 Euro p.p. all-included:

Complete tango-programme, all freshly cooked, biological meals, coffee & tea, homemade cakes, and private sleeping accommodation included. Reduction if you stay in a tent or caravan.


De Uelenspieghel | Winkelsteeg 5 |  Uffelte (NL)

Double Role Bootcamp
Uffelte 15 - 17 May 2024

Questions: [email protected]


Wednesday 15 May

19:00 - 21:00 h Welcome with Coffee & Tea & Guided Práctica
21:00 h Milonga de Bienvenida with DJ Mariano

Thursday 16 May

08:30 - 11:30 h Breakfast
09:45 h Warm-up, souplesse & balance with Cosima (optional)
10:30 h Workshop group A
11:45 h Workshop group B
13:00 h Lunch & free time
15:30 h Workshop Chacarera
16:00 h Tango Café 
16:30 h Workshop group A
17:30 h Workshop group B
18:30 h Práctica
19:00 h Dinner
21:00 h Milonga de Primavera with DJ Mariano & double role performance by Marianoy Cosima - dresscode: spring

Friday 17 May

08:30 - 11:30 h Breakfast
09:45 h Warm-up, souplesse & balance with Cosima (optional)
10:30 h Workshop group B
11:45 h Workshop group A
13:00 h Lunch & free time
14:30 h Workshop group B
15:30 h Workshop group A
16:30 h Word of Thanks & Práctica
17:00 h Farewell and see you next time! 

Double Role Bootcamps

Topics of the Bootcamps

by Tango Masterclass ™

  • Connection: points of contact, communication within the couple, adapting the posture to each individual dance partner.
  • Propose & respond: how and when we propose and respond in the dance in both roles.
  • Ronda: develop and improve awareness to the dance flow, and create a good structure in your dance to navigate well on the social dance floor.
  • Musicality: how to play with the music (the mood & the rhythm) as a leader and as a follower.
  • Lead & follow: difference and similarities in energy as leader and follower.
  • Technique: differences and similarites in technique as leader and follower.
  • Styling: great tips for refined, effective and elegant footwork in both roles.
  • Take the lead / take the follow: how and when to change roles, and how to adapt in an accurate way, when you are dancing double role at a milonga.
Yes, I love to join, sing me up!

Your Maestros Mariano y Cosima

With their combined experience in tango of over three decades, and being graduated as Maestros de Tango at the Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires, you are in good hands.

As teachers Mariano and Cosima are specialized in healthy tango technique with elegant and natural movements for both roles.

They are experienced in dancing & teaching double role tango.

Mariano y Cosima have taught thousands of dancers from absolute beginners to teachers and professional dancers.

Mariano was born in Buenos Aires and he grew up in a tango family. His grandfather ran a tango venue in the city where he lived, and Mariano's mother was a pioneer in Argentine Tango in the Netherlands and surrounding countries; she passed on the legacy to her son. Encouraged by his maestro Antonio Todaro and by family friend Osvaldo Pugliese, he decided at the young age of seventeen to pursue a career as a professional tangodancer.

Cosima has danced and played violin since early childhood. She explored different styles of dance and music, until she fell for Tango Argentino in 1996, which led her to a fulltime career as a professional tango dancer.

Mariano & Cosima met each other in 2001 and they have been performing & teaching together for over two decades. They trained intensively in Buenos Aires with renowned names of the tango world. Their style is classical Argentine tango. To the expertise of the couple Cosima added her musical knowledge of tango (she studied Argentine tango on violin at CODARTS, the Rotterdam Conservatory 1996-1997), and her knowledge in healthy body movements and posture (she is a certificated posture therapist since 2001 and physiotherapist since 2004).

Mariano & Cosima are passionate tango teachers, and their classes are very appreciated by their students, in particular the effective pedagogy. The couple knows very well to work with a group, by creating a light, and relaxed atmosphere with a pinch of humor. There is in their teaching a good balance of explanation and practice, with feedback to the group and individually. They know how to combine technique and the feeling of the dance, with focus on the essence of tango in their classes. With subtle and accurate corrections so that a tango student can evolve his or her tango style.

Their main focus points of Mariano & Cosima are:

  • Healthy movements, relaxed energy, complete awareness of corporal coordination and feeling;
  • Quality of movement, connection within the couple and musicality

Double Role Bootcamps 2024

We love to dance & teach Double Role Tango. Many dancers asked us to organise this more often. Please let us know if you're interested. This way we can better plan when & where to organize these bootcamps again, and for which level we will aim it (advanced in both roles, or advanced in one role and beginning in the new role).

For who?

  • For dancers who want to dance both roles at milongas comfortably, with flow & easy.
  • For dancers who want to get more insight in tango as a complete dance. By learning the other role you understand more of the totality of this dance. 
  • For dancers who want to improve in their role by exploring the 'other' role.
  • For tango teachers & aspiring tango teachers. We provide a structural methodology that is essential for teaching tango.

When & Where?

We will announce new dates & places adapted to your requests! 

Double Role Bootcamps 2024

Sign up here if you like to receive info from us about news dates & locations for our upcoming double role bootcamps in 2024! Questions: [email protected]