UFFELTE 21 - 23 JUNE 2024

Midsummer Milonga 2024

  • 5 Milonga Workshops
  • 2 Salons with Tango, Vals y Milonga
  • Including 2 nights stay at De Uelenspieghel
  • Including all meals, coffee & tea
  • Organic vegetarian fresh food 
  • Warming-up with Cosima
  • Argentine Folklore workshop
  • In the middle of nature
  • Join our wonderful community
  • Personal guidance to improve your tango skills
  • Professional teachers
Midsummer Milonga 2024


Super Early Birds until 31 May

  • 10 Tango Workshops
  • 6 Milongas
  • Four star hotel at the beach
  • Breakfast & dinner included
  • Swimming pools, sauna
  • Close to Palma
  • Beautitul dance room
  • Be part of lovely community
  • Personal guidance
  • Professional teachers
  • All our events are open to double role dancers
Place left for 4 couples. Tango Mallorca 2024

TEXEL 25 - 27 OKT

Texel Tango 2024

  • Tangoholiday Weekend
  • Texel Island
  • 2 Milongas
  • 4 Workshops
  • Práctica 
  • Dance in beautiful big dance hall
  • Personal guidance to improve your tango skills
  • Professional teachers with 23 resp. 33 years of experience
Tango Texel 2024


From Milonguero to Modern 2024

  • 2 Day Seminar
  • 8 hrs Total Tango time
  • 2 Welcome Prácticas
  • Intensive Workshops
  • 2 Goodbye Prácticas
  • Working with the same group for 2 days
  • In the city centre of Arnhem
  • Personal guidance to improve your tango skills
  • Professional teachers with 23 resp. 33 years of experience
Milonguero to Modern 2024

Mariano y Cosima | Authentic Argentine Tango Shows

Almost 3 decades of tango, 15 countries, 4 contintents, thousands of students

With a combined Tango experience of almost 3 decades, your maestros Mariano y Cosima have spread their passion for Tango Argentino in 15 different countries, on 4 continents (Europe, South-America, Asia, Canada). Thousands of dancers, from absolute beginners to tango teachers and professional dancers, have joined their classes for the past decades. They have toured with many renowned orchestras in theatres and concert halls in The Netherlands and Japan. They have performed and taught at many tangofestivals worldwide. They organised tangoholidays in Argentina and Europe.

Growing up with Tango

Their tango is authentic Argentine and rooted in family history. Mariano is born in Buenos Aires and grew up in a tango family. His grandfather ran a tango venue in the city where he lived, and Mariano's mother was a pioneer in Argentine Tango in the Netherlands and surrounding countries; she passed on the legacy to her son. Encouraged by his maestro Antonio Todaro and by family friend Osvaldo Pugliese, he decided at the young age of seventeen to pursue a career as a professional tangodancer.

Cosima has danced and played violin since early childhood. She explored different styles of dance and music, until she fell for Tango Argentino in 1996, which led her to a fulltime career as a professional tango dancer.

Growing together with Tango

Mariano & Cosima met each other in 2001 and they have been performing & teaching together for over two decades. They trained intensively in Buenos Aires with renowned names of the tango world. Their style is classical Argentine tango. Mariano studied journalism and history, and knows all about tango history (dance and music). Cosima added her musical knowledge of tango (she studied Argentine tango on violin at CODARTS, the Rotterdam Conservatory 1996-1997), and her knowledge in healthy body movements and posture (she is a certificated posture therapist since 2001 and physiotherapist since 2004).

Dancing for Dutch Royal House

Mariano & Cosima Díaz Campos represent the authentic Argentine Tango dance and culture. With their dance performances they aim to give the audience a true experience of the rich Tango culture, by showing all the different styles of tango dance, from Canyengue and Orillera to Tango Milonguero, Tango Salón and Tango Nuevo

Born in Buenos Aires in a real tango family, Mariano learnt the tango as a child. His parents Lalo y Mirta performed a theater tour in Europe with the legendary Osvaldo Pugliese. Mariano's mother Mirta Campos was one of the important pioneers of Tango Argentino in Europe, and she received the royal honour for her work to promote the Argentine Tango culture in The Netherlands.

 In 2002 Mariano was invited by the Royal House of The Netherlands to perform at the wedding celebrations of Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander at the Royal Palace Noordeinde. 

Mariano y Cosima were invited as guest artists at many tangofestivals around the world. They have performed tangoshows with celebrated tango orchestras, such as Color Tango, Alfredo Marcucci, Sexteto Canyengue, Malando,  Tango Dorado, Sexteto Cristál, Tangopianissimo, OTRA, Sexteto Milonguero, in the most beautiful theaters and concerthalls such as Carré, Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Stadthalle Wuppertal, Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Festival Hall in Osaka and many other concert halls.

In person & online

In addition to their in-person classes and tango events at beautiful locations, they have also created the inspiring online tango community. Many students found their way to their online classes, and find our weekly live training via Zoom very helpful to improve their tango experience. Improvement of posture, balance, confidence, freedom, improvisation, style. Mariano & Cosima both speak Spanish, English, German and Dutch.
Contact Mariano: [email protected]
Contact Cosima: [email protected]